Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Please read carefully and analyze the contents of the link below.
In addition to the marches promoted by NETWORKS, and in order to show our grievances, we have to submit a suggestion to correct these mistakes, so that they are minimized and/or eliminated.
If we don’t do this, the next convocation will lose strength and all our efforts will be eliminated with time.
As we want change we have to present NEW IDEAS.
Here is a NEW IDEA of a Political Regime related to the reform of the Conjuncture and of the Structure of the BRAZILIAN STATE!
It is REAL, USEFUL; and approximately RIGHT; relatively PRECISE; greatly ORGANIZED and with strong emphasis on the Moral and Social basis.
It propagates with Globalization with Capitalism policed ​​and Free Press.
Any mistakes will be corrected in the future, since what matters is that we are developers. But let's be cautious, steadfast and courageous. In our lectures, we will clarify the doubts.
We need the cooperation of the Brazilians and also of foreigners, who want to realize this change. These changes might also serve as example that can be leveraged in their Nations.

We aren't here to make friends. We are here to get the facts out and make a difference. With your help, we can shake things up  even more.

Convoke us!
I wish everybody
Health with Respect and Fraternity,
Paulo Augusto Lacaz



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