Thursday, March 16, 2017


Dear Mr. Richard Trumka

In the primaries you started by supporting Senator Bernie Sanders - then during the primaries you changed sides; Supported Hillary Clinton - that was your mistake. In a dispute between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders would surely be the President of the USA; And we would never go through this terrible step.
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assunto:The first horrible step

Paulo Augusto,
All attention in Congress right now is focused on the awful health care plan put forward by extremist Republicans. But Congress also is moving fast to pass three bills that would take away the rights of working people in the federal government to have a collective voice on the job.
These bills—H.R. 1259, H.R. 1364 and H.R. 1461—are a blatant attempt to undermine the ability of federal employees to do their jobs effectively to best serve veterans and other taxpayers.
Anti-union Republicans pushing these bills think they can get away with this because they think no one’s paying attention. But we are and we need to speak out now!
These bills could be the first horrible step in the anti-union campaign of some politicians—unless we stop them.
Here’s what these bills would do:
  • Remove protections and gut the pensions of workers who are wrongfully fired, harassed or intimidated by managers;
  • Make it more difficult for employees to work with managers to address issues on the job;
  • Gives Veterans Affairs officials the power to take back compensation employees have earned;
  • Lets management at the VA have the upper hand by radically shortening the time unfairly fired VA workers have to prepare their cases; and
  • Limits the time unfairly fired workers can appeal to just seven days.
Federal employees need to be able to do their jobs so our kids can get a good education, our parks can stay open, our veterans can get the care they need and our communities can be safe.
In Solidarity,
Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

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